I have like TONS of friends (insert hair flip)...  And a few of them are really talented. :P Ok, not just a few of them - they all are! 

But below you'll find some of my favorite blogs that I highly recommend that you check out!

*Lauren Oliver Photography is my amazing bestie cousin, Stacy. She's AMAZING! Check her out, and ask her to take your family's pictures. It's worth it, trust me! Lauren Oliver Photography

*My sweet friend Liz Lamoreux is amazing. She teaches retreats, makes and sells jewelry, and it just a total delight to be around! Go check out all of the goodness that this awesome lady has to offer at Liz Lamoreux.

*My friend Karla is hilarious, and such a great writer. She is so inspiring both in humor and in the way that she documents motherhood, her fitness journey, and just life's little... life moments! Check her out here at Karla Does Motherhood.

*Karen writes a wonderful blog on using technology with kids, and she has so many great tips and tricks! She also was instrumental in helping me get this site started. :) DEFINITELY check her out! Teaching Technology in Early Childhood


*Susie is AWESOME (don't tell her that I said that!) and her blog makes me laugh every time I read it.  She also gave me a lot of great tips for making the move to my own website! It's definitely worth checking out! The Allison Wonderland (Note: she's not updating anymore, but you will love getting lost in the archives of her page!)