Contemplating the rain...

It's the first time I've blogged from my phone, and I'm doing it on the road home... Which makes this a lot of firsts! Cue the confetti and trophy! ..... Waiting, waiting.... Nothing? Ok fine. :)

This is just a quick check in... I'm going to start doing more of these as they pop in to my brain, just giving you little glimpses into my crazy brain! Beware! :P

I use so many emojis. I need an intervention obviously. 

Anyhoo - I'm riding shotgun in David's truck on the way home from a day filled with helping friends move some things to storage/playing a marathon game of Uno with a 5 year old, and having dinner with David's dad. And the dang rain just hasn't let up for more than ten minutes. As I grumbled about it, I realized that it was kind of an empty grumble... Because I don't hate the rain. Gasp! I know. I have lived in Washington my whole life, people. I know the nature of the beast that is the weather. And although it can be annoying and inconvenient (like, say, when you are getting married..........), it's really beautiful. There is something so calming and refreshing about the rain, and I feel lucky to be able to experience it. Yes, I don't love it all of the time... But I do love the feeling of being safe and cozy inside as the rain pounds against the window. I love cozy, and it doesn't really get much more cozy than that.

So here I sit, in the passenger seat, and I think about putting on my comfy clothes as soon as I get home and making some tea... And maybe reading, maybe making some banners, maybe watching Netflix. Just trying to embrace this cozy and content feeling before it turns into grouching at the rain again... :)

Hope that you are all enjoying your Sunday too! Leave a comment and tell me what you like about the rain.... :) (Emoji again. Oh well. #sorrynotsorry)


Riding shotgun. 

Riding shotgun.