a rare and spectacular treasure

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a woman. There are obviously lots of reasons for this, and although most of the things that are kicking up this dust for me aren't particularly positive, it truly has asked me to dig deeper into what it means for me. One of the things I keep noticing and really looking for is my place among other females. And one thing that I continue to circle back on is my strong and powerful female friendships. One in particular is at the crux of my heart and mind pretty constantly... and that is the friendship with these two beautiful women:



I am beyond lucky to find myself in a best friendship that is a rare and spectacular treasure - with two of the most amazing and strong women on the face of this earth. Our friendship is well in to its second decade and is going strong. It is the friendship that I hold other friendships up to for comparison, which really isn't fair because what we have is exceptional.  

I look to these women for so much, and am given so much more than I seek every time. They are both incredibly accomplished and passionate women who have achieved so much in their lives already. From changing the lives of so many children who needed a chance, to changing the lives of student workers and the entire department that they oversee - they do it all. They both either have gotten, or are in the process of, getting masters degrees in their fields, and are bettering themselves to go even further than they have already gone.

With this friendship I receive their passion and zest for life. I receive their grace for me and for others. I envelope myself in their wisdom that I am lucky enough to have available. I rest more easily than in almost any other situation, and find myself completely myself with these two. It's one of the safest places that I have. With this friendship I receive a hunger to be a better version of myself, and follow in their footsteps. 

Their strength, both as my best friends, and as women, astounds me. We have all gone through periods of intense sadness and heartache, and have been with each other. We have seen each other's joys and celebrated each other's accomplishments. We have lived minutes away from each other, and hours away from each other. I have watched these two beautiful souls transform in the 14+ years that we have been connected, and I'm beyond floored (but not surprised!) with the women that they have become. I have laughed so hard that I have cried with these women multiple times, and often about things that other people would probably stare blankly at. They are both incredibly share and wickedly funny and talented in multiples areas of life. 

My strength, as a woman, is drawn from these two. I know that when I am running low, they have some for me - whatever it is that I am needing. They are making this world an incredible place for all of us, and for the women to come. I rest easy in knowing that should I be blessed to have a daughter one day, not only will she have these amazing women as aunties, but they will have changed this place for the better for her to be able to be a strong women as well. 

I could go on for days if my time would allow, but alas, that's not the case. Instead, I will wrap this up with a wish for all of you: 

I wish for you to find those people in your life that are the first you want to call when times are wonderful, and the first that you need to call when times are hard. The women that make you shine - and only because they shine so brightly that you are lucky enough for it to reflect off of you. The women whose loved ones that you hold as dearly as your own, and who in turn hold yours the same. The friends who you don't have to work for, because you are yourself and nothing but in the presence of them.

And then you will feel like a strong and powerful woman, standing arm and arm with these beautiful creatures, and you will call yourself blessed.  


One of my all time favorites... at the place where it all started!