...preparing for it all when you know basically nothing...

I usually try to be more clever with my titles, but there is no better title for this blog post than the one that it has! Some of you have seen some stuff on my Instagram lately, which has flooded my inbox with an influx of guesses and questions. And I’m here to hopefully shed some light if you want to know! :)

David and I have really ramped things up around our place lately. As you already know, this year has been one of shifting rooms and moving stuff in and out and kind of playing our whole house like a Tetris game. I’ve been kind of letting things stack up, and freaking out about them from afar but a few weeks ago we set a date for our home inspection — JULY 16. Gulp. Now, I adore our case specialist. We both do. She is amazing and makes us feel so cared for and is the sweetest, and she is the one that will be doing our inspection. Which makes me so happy! She’s been in our house a BUNCH of times, and has walked through it with us several times and given some tips and her thoughts, and we have made changes as needed. (Luckily having a small house is working to our advantage currently!) But having a date is HUGE. It now feels more real than it ever has before, just because of one little date.

What happens then, you ask? Do you guys know who is coming? When are they coming? How old are they?

So many questions - and I only have a few answers.

Which is really hard for a control freak like me, obviously. After our home inspection (which there are about 8283823 things to be done for currently, and about 6245 forms still to fill out), our sweet case specialist will write it all up in a huge document called the Home Study. This document includes a write up from her of ALL of the interviews we have had (we have had at least 5 each, maybe 6, and they all last 2 hours), combined with all of the documentation that we have filled out. This is not a measly blog post - this is like dissertation size. That may take a bit, but David and I are both fingerprinted and ready to go, we’ve taken our training, we’ve gotten our CPR/First Aid certifications, and then we wait. She is thinking that sometime around mid August we will officially be licensed.

Which means…. OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

It could take days, weeks, months, maybe a year — but someone will come stay with us. Which I go to sleep dreaming of every night. I think I drive David nuts sometimes because I pepper him with things constantly like “just think, soon we will be falling asleep but then a baby will maybe start crying and we will have to get up and take care of them before we can sleep.” Which I know is really selling him on the whole thing… hahaha… :) It’s the little stuff that I’m excited about. But then my brain quickly shifts to the things that we need to buy/do/organize/figure out before that happens. I’m weird like that, I guess.

But for now, we have to get the room as ready as we can have it for the home inspection day! Which meant that this past weekend, we put together A CRIB. Now let’s be clear - David did 98% of the work here. But I helped with the other stuff! Here is the picture that I posted on my IG story that had people flooding me:

“Is that a CRIB David’s putting together????” came the questions… ;P

“Is that a CRIB David’s putting together????” came the questions… ;P

Yes. Yes it was a crib! Well, it still is. At least it was when I last saw it, but that was last night… so much could have happened since then! (Sidenote: Mira has been dying to get in this room — the line of stuffed animals on the windowsill is enough to make a little pup sit in there and just cry cry cry. She loves stuffed animals so much, and this last weekend has taught us that stuffed animals aren’t in the cards for our kiddos for a long time - not until someone can control herself. We currently call this room the Mira Torture Room because of this. )

And here is a sneak peek of just a corner of said Torture Room:

Major work in progress.

Major work in progress.

I mean, since I took that picture, David (who said he doesn’t care where things go) promptly told me that the rug needs to be parallel to the crib. So much for not having opinions…. :P

The room is sparse now, but I have so much stuff to fill it up with - don’t you worry about that. Currently, this is my living room:

As you can imagine, this is driving me bonkers.

As you can imagine, this is driving me bonkers.

People have been TRULY amazing and generous and have given us so much stuff! We have so much stuff, in fact, that I don’t even know what we have. And I’m enlisting a very elite level organizer, my 15 year old cousin-niece Audrey, to help me in a full day organize/purge. She’s EXACTLY the right person for this job. I just have to wait until Wednesday! Ha!

Once we go through all of it and sort it into age appropriate bins, it will be so much easier when we have kiddos come in to be able to pull the bins that we need instead of just having it all out somewhere. And then I will know what I still need! I have been working on a registry on Amazon, and will share that link with anyone interested when we are closer to our licensing and when I know what is left to get.

It’s hard to plan for everything when you don’t know what you’re getting. I mean, 0-3 is a big gap developmentally. But we will be great! It’s going to be challenging and heart wrenching but also so rewarding and so filled with love.

And that’s just it. That’s the crux of the whole thing - we have a TON of love to give. And I can’t wait to give it out!

More when we know more… I promise!