It's on our side, we're just in the nick of it, and it's sure flying...

Image I was robbed this weekend, friends. It was quick - literally a thief in the night. When I woke up, it took a bit to realize that it had happened. Was I scared? No. Was I surprised? No. Had I seen it coming? Yes. It happens once a year, but it still throws me off.

I'm obviously talking about time, people. The hour that we "lost" in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I have always loved to watch my phone at 2:00am on that Sunday morning. It's fascinating to see it either switch an hour ahead of what it should be, or just watch that hour erase itself completely. I wasn't able to do that this weekend, because I was just so darn exhausted and had already given up at that point. But it's such a literal way to see time fly -- in one direction or another.

There is so much complaint (from me as well!) when the world takes away our sweet hour. Curses are thrown into the wind about the robbery of time, and we just swear we feel ourselves drag a lot slower. I know that lots of people really are physically affected by the time change, in various ways. But I can't help but think to myself all of the ridiculous things that I have traded for an hour of my time. Seriously. Lots of those things were completely equivalent to the idea of the clocks just being moved forward an hour. I have seriously wasted at least an hour of my time on the following things that fall into the afore-mentioned category:

*Buying toys for my dog

*Posting pictures of my dog online

*Putting things into shopping carts on various websites that I don't actually end up buying

*Talking in a weird voice for no reason

*Watching someone else do something while being completely unhelpful

*Spinning in a chair

*Talking myself out of going to the gym

*Eating candy and playing on my iPad

*Having a ketchup and mustard fight with my brother

*Literally staring at the wall

*Trying on clothes I have no intent to buy


*Waiting for someone

See how productive I am? And how many hours I have spent doing completely nothing at various points in my life? What I'm trying to say is this -- I do worse to myself on a daily basis than the world does to me once a year when it robs me of an hour. So why does this one hour get me grumbling so much? I'm sure it has to do with sleep or something like that -- if you know me, you know that I love my sleep. But in the grand scheme of things, I could gain that hour back easily by trading in any number of the pointless things I waste my time on regularly. And what could I gain? So much can be accomplished in an hour. I could do any of the following:

*Laundry (sorting, folding)

*Making long overdue phone calls to friends

*Addressing and mailing out thank you notes from the wedding

*Going to the gym

*Taking Chloe and Mira for a walk

You get the picture. :) So I guess the moral of my story is this -- use your time wisely. If we use all of our available time to the fullest, or at least fullER, I'm sure we can get a lot accomplished and feel a lot less grumpy about our time being taken away. I know, I know - it's easier when you are wasting your own time rather than someone else taking it in some way. But that's just life, right? It's a necessary evil that we will never get around, so we should just learn how to suck it up and move on. (Note: This isn't me saying that I take my time being wasted worth a grain of salt. Or maybe it is, if by "grain of salt" you mean salt-flat. I'm just saying I would like to someday learn how to maybe become the kind of person that could conceivably begin to be like that.) It's my theory (wait -- isn't the thesis supposed to go at the BEGINNING of the boring essay, Mandy??) that if we used our daily given time a little bit better, that we wouldn't feel so cheated when one baby hour was taken away from us.

So that is my new goal. Use time more wisely. I mean, if you were given an hour, which we are in the fall, what would you do with it? I usually just sleep it away... Maybe we should just look at spring daylight savings time like we are paying nature back for the hour they lent us in the fall! But then paying people for things is a whooooooole other ball of wax that we don't have the time to get into right now. It always come down to quality over quantity, if you ask me. Especially when it comes to time, and things like treats, and hugs, or really good mac and cheese. Ok, maybe I like a high level of both in that last one. :)

Go get your hour back, people! There is so much to do! <3